Make-ahead Protein Snack Kits

Some variations for this kit would be the type of lunchmeat used, a different flavor cheese stick, and a different nut. You can even switch up the hummus to give the rollups a different twist.

My no-bread roll ups would work great in these kits.

Ham and Swiss No Bread Roll Up

Beef and Cheddar No Bread Roll Up

Greek No Bread Roll Up

Other ideas for a high protein snack would be almond or peanut butter rolled up in a low carb wrap. I would include berries with that kit for a fiber boost.

Or if you want a sweet treat included in the snack kit then add in an energy bite. I know energy bites are higher carb but they also include nut butter and nuts to balance it out. Include that with some cottage cheese, cheese stick and maybe a hard-boiled egg and you are good to go.

Get All Protein Snack Kits Recipe here:

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